26 November 2013

Carex Hand Cream // Hydrate And Protect // Nourish And Protect

Carex Hand Cream Hydrate And Protect Nourish And Protect

Carex Hydrate & Protect // Carex Nourish & Protect - £2.50

Hand Cream is one of the most important products I use in the colder months yet it's the one thing I always 
forget to use everyday resulting in cracked, sore hands. As much as I love the results of a thick, creamy hand cream I tend to use them only at night. Most are really rich so when using them in the day it just becomes a hassle as they take ages to sink in. With this in mind I was excited to try out Carex's latest offerings in the form of light weight hand cream to see if they could help combat cracked, flaky hands.

Hydrate And Protect is my favourite of the two creams. It's light weight and reminds me a lot of a face serum as it's water based and sinks in almost immediately. It has a clean, light Aloe Vera scent that's not too intrusive and provides an quick hit of moisture that has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Nourish & Protect is a lot more, well, nourishing than the Hydrate and Protect. It's also water based so still very light but has a slightly thicker consistency and really works well at softening your hands with the help of Vitamin E. Both creams have antibacterial action which adds a great bonus as they keep germs at bay as well as protecting your skin.
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30 September 2013

September Favourites

September Favourites 2013

Illamasqua Neutral Palette - £34.00
This little palette has received a lot of love from me this month. You can't really go wrong with neutral colours so a palette filled with four gorgeous shades is always a hit. All four shades, Stealth, Vintage, Wolf and Obsidian are all creamy in texture and blend well. Even though Stealth wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I still love this palette regardless.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm - £34.00
I received this sample of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm from a website and was so so pleased to be able to try it. As a person with oily skin I wouldn't normally think to use a cleansing balm but this has seriously given my face some much needed TLC. I now know why everyone raves about this cleanser and I will be looking out for Feel Unique to have one of their percentage off sales. As much as I'd LOVE to use this product everyday £34.00 is a little out of my price range. I'm now on the look out for a good cleansing balm as I'm completely converted so if anyone has any recommendations or links to reviews you have written I'd appreciate it. 

Ben Nye Glitter Glue - £4.50
A few months ago I was on the hunt for a glitter/pigment adhesive and came across a few at extortionate prices! One in particular was £17.00 and thought the brand should maybe consider re naming to Too Expensive (see what I did there lol). I then found Ben Nye's version online for £4.50 so i decided to give it a try. The product is amazing. When applied, you can apply a pigment or a glitter and it will dry in seconds without having any annoying fall out.   

Boy has my skin needed this lately! The weather lately hasn't exactly given my skin an easy time so it's become very sensitive and in need of moisture. I've been using this after cleansing with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and have noticed a big change in my skin. It no longer feels sore or tight and has made a real improvement in smoothness. This cream is perfect for anyone with sore, sensitive, dry or tight skin that needs a bit of a break.

I'm aware I'm probably the last person on the band wagon with this product but better late than never haha. I really didn't buy in to the hype that surrounded this brush but as I lose a lot of hair I thought it might be worth a try. I've been impressed at how easy this detangles hair without ripping. I'm unsure if it's a holy grail product or as great as everyone says just yet but I've enjoyed using it this month. 
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26 September 2013

Glo Minerals Glo Box

Glo Minerals Glo Box

Recently I was contacted by Glo Minerals to see if I wanted to test out a range of their products. As they're a new brand that have launched in the UK I was excited to try a selection of their products. Glo Minerals are a brand that use only pure grade minerals and anti oxidants in their products and base their range on the following criteria - Pharmaceutical grade ingredients - Talc free - Exclude Dyes and Parabens - Perfume free - Antioxidant blend of vitamins A,C,E and green tea - Micronised triple milled to lay smoother on the skin - Protect and improve the condition of the skin - Anti- inflammatory - Anti-bacterial - Anti-Ageing - Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Glo Minerals Sheer Tint Base

Glo Minerals Sheer Tint Base - £22.00
Sheer Tint Base is a light coverage liquid that helps to conceal, correct and even out your skin tone. It has buildable coverage that allows you to easily add more in certain areas without it becoming obvious or cakey. This can be used with a primer, concealer, foundation and powder as it's main feature is to naturally even out your skin tone. My first impressions were that it may be a little to light for any real coverage and thought it may just add another 'layer' to my face but as I tried and tested it in different ways I was certainly proved wrong. Using this on prepped skin it toned down the redness I have in my cheeks and hyperpigmentation on my chin and gave a subtle light coverage. It didn't completely camouflage these areas but bases and foundations are not meant for this purpose in my opinion, that is the job of a concealer. I added a little powder to my t-zone to see how this worked on it's own and I liked how subtle and natural it looked without looking like I had a full face of makeup. I also tried Sheer Tint Base with a foundation and concealer, I found that the base tends to give your foundation and concealer a 'helping hand' as it's already helped to conceal imperfections without any cakey feeling.

Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick

Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick - Gleam -  £27.50
Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick is a cute, compact product that offers you four highlighter colours in one. To use this you can swirl your brush around all four pans to create an ultimate glow or use each colour individually to highlight. Using all four shades is great for a very highlighted look. Personally, I like to use these shades individually to really make the most of the colours. All four colours are pigmented and creamy, blend well and work with using the smallest amount.

Glo Minerals Eye Shadow Sable Orchid

Glo Minerals Eye Shadow - Orchid/Blue Suede - £13.00
Blue Suede is a dark navy matte eye shadow. Navy is an unusual coloured eye shadow and a welcome change to black. Blue Suede feels feels creamy in the pan but is not as pigmented as Orchid. It is a very buildable colour so it an be used as subtly or as dramatic as you want and can create a nice twist to the traditional black smokey eye. Orchid is a creamy shimmery coppery colour that gives a gorgeous wash of colour with a brush stroke. It's a very pretty colour with great pigmentation that can be used for neutral or dramatic eye looks.

Glo Minerals Pressed Base - Beige Medium - £31.95
This product is one of my favourite from all that I have tried. Glo Minerals Pressed Base is a natural finish powder that can provide light to full coverage. In my experiences a lot of powders are great for mattifying the skin but lack the coverage to use alone, especially areas I have that have hyperpigmentation. I used this product alone under my eyes as I have dark circles and it completely covered the discoloration and left a smooth finish without setting in to fine lines, this is something I have to prevent a lot when using creams. Buffing Pressed Base over my entire skin (on my face, not my body haha) created a soft, natural look that evened out my skin tone without too much fuss. I've completely disregarded powder foundation in the past but I am now going to include it more as I find it's brilliant for natural makeup days.

Go Minerals Lip Tint Clearly Red

Glo Minerals Lip Tint - Clearly Red - £12.00
When I first received this box of goodies I assumed this was going to be the product I wasn't going to be overly impressed by. In the tube the lip tint looks very sheer and glossy and as a lover of bold colours I was expecting this to be a glorified tinted lip balm but I was pleasantly surprised. Glo Minerals Lip Tint is a soft, subtle red gloss that ever so slightly tints your lips for a subtle wash of colour. The great thing about this product is the ease of use, a little goes a long way and it's easy to build up more colour without needing other products. It has a great lasting power but doesn't stay in place when eating and drinking. That aside, this lip tint will last a few hours without needing constant touch ups and will not spread over your teeth or face (we've all been there haha).

Glo Minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner - £9.00
Glo Minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner is the perfect hybrid of a soft creamy pencil and a stiff pencil used for clean lines or eyebrows. This eyeliner is soft enough to use on the water line and lash line with ease yet doesn't smudge like some of the creamier pencils. What I love about this eyeliner is that you can really get creative as well as being a great base for black eyeshadow.

Glo Minerals Micro Lip Liner Ambrosia Rose

Glo Minerals Micro Lip Liner - Ambrosia Rose - £9.00
Ambrosia Rose Micro Lip Liner has the wow factor for me, the colour pay off is excellent and it 100% stays true to it's colour when on the lips. As it's micro, like the eye liner, it has the ability to create a very precise line. This is something that is important to me with lip liners because if they're too creamy, I find they easily transfer and defeat the purpose of using one. The formula is creamy enough not to dry out the lips but stays in place regardless if you're wearing them alone or with a lipstick and gloss. I love these lip liners and I will certainly be having a look at the other colours Glo Minerals have to offer.

Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascara

Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascara - Black - £16.00
Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascara is a product I'm undecided about. Normally, to create volume, mascaras have a large, thick brush but the brush on this product is small and slim. In terms of creating volume, unfortunately, for me this did not deliver. I have short, straight, stubby lashes that need oompft when it comes to mascara so this wasn't the best product for me. The reason why I'm undecided on this mascara is that it's great for lengthening. Although this didn't do much for the volume of my lashes it made them look really long and really held the curl. I think this mascara is great for anyone with short lashes or anyone who likes the long lash look but if you're more a lover of volume, I'd try one of their other mascaras.

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18 September 2013

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick - Beehive

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Beehive

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Beehive

Nude lipsticks are a hard thing to get right. Most lipsticks I have tried look lovely in the tube but give a concealer look once applied to the lip, which completely defeats the purpose of using a lipstick. Beehive has been hyped by many of my favourite beauty bloggers so I have been curious about it for a while, I wasn't expecting much from this but I think this is certainly going to become a staple in my makeup bag.

Beehive is a light pinky nude that gives a slight glossy colour to your lips which is very subtle. It has a very sheer formula and can easily be applied without a mirror and is a perfect product for the 'barely there' look. It provides slightly more colour than a tinted lip balm and is also build able but as it's sheer it won't build to an intense colour. Beehive is very nourishing on the lips and feels a lot like wearing a lip balm but the downside to this is the staying power. The staying power isn't brilliant but it isn't terrible either, I think it's a very middle of the road product as it doesn't slip straight off but doesn't stick around if you're eating or drinking. As I've said before, applying this product is easy as one swipe gives you a nice subtle wash of colour. 

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17 September 2013

Blog Birthday & Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick // Blog Advert Giveaway

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Giveaway

Hello <3
A few days ago my blog had it's 2 year Birthday! 
To celebrate this I decided to hold a little giveaway to say thank you for reading and commenting.
I'll try to keep the predictable ramblings to a minimum to save boring you and get straight to the good bit hah.

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9 September 2013

A/W Wishlist

A/W Wishlist
Navy 3 in 1 Faux Fur Parka Jacket - £100
I normally find most A/W coats boring but this Parka caught my eye straight away. As wishlists are not always realistic and most people add in the item they would never buy, this is mine. £100 for a Parka? 

Probably not the most exciting item on my list but I do love a nice jumper/cardigan. This again seems a little pricey for a Cardigan but it does look thick, warm and perfect for an A/W staple.

Everyone needs a new A/W lipstick, right? Probably not, but it's always exciting to add a new colour to your collection. I've had my eye on a YSL lipstick for a while but have never had an excuse to purchase one. The packaging is the main thing that grabs my attention as it's so classy and pretty, I wouldn't object to having one of these sat proudly on my dressing table.

Another boring staple I suppose. I'm not really a massive fan of the beanie hats with writing on them so of course I've opted for plain black haha.

I've been lusting after one of these rotating stylers after hearing how great they are from Ruth Crilly ( AModelReccomends) in a Vlog. I don't use a lot of heat on my hair as I'm trying to grow my hair longer but this seems to use less than a traditional hair dryer as you use it on nearly dry hair. From doing my YouTube research it's a very impressive product and I'd love to get my hands on one.

I'm not a fan of boots with heels and much prefer the flat biker style so I'm so glad I found these online, they are pretty much what I was looking for and a bargain in comparison to others I have looked at.

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28 August 2013

ghd Style & Protect Gift Set

ghd Style & Protect Giftset

ghd Style & Protect Giftset

ghd Style & Protect Giftset

ghd are one of the top brands when it comes to hair care so when they kindly offered to gift me a ghd Style & Protect Gift Set to review I jumped at the chance as I'd never tried any of their product before apart from having my hair straightened at the hairdressers. I have enjoyed using these products so now I'm now going to share my thoughts about the contents of the gift set.

ghd Straight & Smooth Spray
Straight hair is my go to style when I use heat so I am always more than happy to add any product that helps along the way to my collection. ghd Straight & Smooth Spray is a spray that you use on wet hair to help smooth and straighten your hair while eliminating frizz that can sometimes be caused by blow drying. The amazing thing about this product is that unlike a lot of others, it is a heat protection as well as a straightening spray as it contains the ghd Heat Protection System. This is brilliant in my opinion as I hate overloading my hair with too many products and hate the feeling of product build up. The spray has the signature ghd scent and is packaged in sleek a sleek black tube with a green ring near the top as ghd colour code each section of their hair care products. The spray itself helps to blow dry your hair straight and straighten it which cuts down the amount of time you use heat on your hair and also makes the styling last a lot longer than it normally would. 

ghd Final Shine Spray
As I have oily hair, shine sprays, serums and oil is something I've always avoided in the past but since I've started to look after my hair properly this has all changed and I can now appreciate the benefits that these products have to offer. ghd Final Shine Spray is a lightweight spray that adds shine to your hair and also smooths flyaways and helps to keep them in place. The smell of this product is again the signature ghd scent, it's packaged very sleek like the rest of the range and is part of the blue labelled range. ghd Final Shine Spray is the first shine spray I have ever tried and has surprised me by being my favorite from the gift box. To use you need to spray a small amount on your styled hair and leave it to sink in for a few seconds for an instant healthy shine. You can also brush your hair through to distribute it but that's really personal preference. The shine this product creates has left me really impressed, it's amazing for bringing out natural highlights in your hair and leaves it looking healthy as well as shiny. 

ghd Paddle Brush
I'm the type of person who always thought a brush was a brush but I was completely wrong. After using a vary of other brushes I can now (thankfully) tell the difference between a quality brush and a brush that rips your hair out and gets tangled in a blow drying mission. The ghd Paddle Brush is an exceptional quality brush that glides through your hair and gently detangles any knots with out damaging and leaves your hair with a healthy shine. This brush blows any others I have tried out of the water and I would honestly recommend this brush from now on to anyone who will listen haha.

ghd Sectioning Clips 
Another product I never bothered with before and always wondered why my hair would never stay straight comes in the form of sectioning clips. Sectioning clips make a significant difference to the end result when straightening your hair as straightening in sections ensures all hair is straightened properly. ghd Sectioning Clips hold hair in place without moving regardless of the amount in the clip and don't pinch, stab or fall out which has happened with most of other clips I have used in the past. They ensure that all hair is secure and most importantly do not snag or snap any hair in the process. 

As well as reviewing the products I was also asked to create a speedy summer hair tutorial, as I'm not the best at hair I've kept this as simple as I could for everyone who shares my frustration at styling their own hair. The tutorial is 1940's/1950's inspired that creates a faux Victory Rolls (I applaud anyone who can create Victory Rolls in their own hair) type of hairstyle that keeps your fringe and the front of your hair out of your face on hot and sticky summer days. 

Wash your hair, apply ghd Straight & Smooth Spray and blow dry straight. 

Section your hair in as many sections needed, spray again with the Straight & Smooth Spray as this helps with straightening as well as protecting your hair.

Continue sectioning, spraying and straightening your hair until you have completed all of your hair. As you can see from the picture I leave the ends of my hair till the end as my hair works better that way.

Section your hair in to a side parting and brush your hair so there are no bumps or lumps. Yes, that picture is me with a comb over.

Taking the smallest section of the two, section your hair/fringe in to a small amount of hair that is big enough to create a side quiff. I normally take from the front to the ear. Smooth this hair out and place it where you would like the quiff to be then simply twist one or two times, gently push the hair forward slightly then secure it with clips/bobby pins. 

Your hair should now look something like this on the one side. Check the clips/bobby pins are where you would like them or make them look neater if you wish.

Step seven is repeating step five. Take the bigger section of your fringe/hair and smooth it out and create a side quiff. This step needs a bit more care as it's a bigger section of hair. Gently place the hair where you would like it and twist again, two or three times then secure with clips/bobby pins. I like the bigger piece of hair to create a bigger quiff than the smaller side as I think it looks better, this is optional to your personal preference. 

Straighten the ends of your hair if you leave them till last like myself and spray a small amount of the ghd Final Shine Spray to give your hair a shiny, glossy finish. 

*ghd Style & Protect Gift Set gifted by ghd
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12 August 2013

HOW TO // DIY Brush Guards

DIY Brush Guards

Brush guards have become an increasingly popular way to protect your makeup brushes, I've been tempted to buy some for a while as my brush collection seems to be "magically" expanding but have always changed my mind as they're expensive for such a small product. I noticed someone mention on YouTube about making a DIY version so decided to do a little research about making my own. A few clicks on eBay resulted in finding a metre of basically exactly the same material for the small price of £1.60. BARGAIN! 

DIY Brush Guard

The material comes in a roll that simply needs to be measured against your freshly washed brush, snipped at the length you would like (I normally cut a little more than I need) and that's as complicated as it gets. I'm really impressed at how many brush guards I managed to make for such a small price and can now keep them all neat and in shape. The only downfall of this material is that it isn't as good for small brushes as it isn't tight enough to keep the shape, I've been trying to find a way to get around this with no luck so if anyone has any ideas or DIY tips below I'd love for you to share them :)

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17 May 2013

Weight Loss Motivational Beauty Box

Weight Loss Motivational Beauty Box
Image We Heart It - Edited by myself

You may or may not know that I'm trying to lose weight. I touched on it briefly in my Weight Loss motivation post but haven't said much about it since. Without boring you without all the sweaty details I've lost a total of 26lbs and have a fair few to go. Motivation doesn't come easy to me so when I read Louise's post from Confetti Letters about her Slimming World updates and that she buys herself makeup as a reward when she has reached a goal it gave me an idea.

Now, I'd never thought of this before and commented what a great idea I thought it was. Knowing myself pretty well though I knew as I had the product in my grubby little hands I'd still be struggling to keep motivated to hit my next goal. This is where the beauty box idea came from. I decided that for every 7lbs I lose/have lost I'm going to buy one product I've wanted for a while and pop it in to an old Glossybox and to only open everything once I have reached my final goal. This may sound like a strange, even weird concept to some but I know a box of sparkly new makeup products will keep me motivated along the way and stop me from giving in to the bad things that I love so much, Chocolate and Pizza, I'm looking at you. 

So that's the basic jist, if you have any motivation tips and tricks I'd love to hear about them! Also, if you're also on a weight loss journey I'd love to hear about how you're progressing. 

Lisa x
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16 May 2013

Carex // Hands On Awards // Competition

Today I have a fun competition to share with you which can involve a bit of a beauty bloggers favourite, photography. In celebration of their 20th anniversary Carex have launched a competition to reward 20 pairs of hands from around the UK.

There will be 20 lucky winners of this competition with the best entries will win a years supply of Carex hand wash and £500 Red Letter Days vouchers to spend as you wish. I already know that I'd chose - a day on safari or spend the day being pampered at a luxurious spa, it's always good to be organised ha ha.

All you need to do to enter this competition is share a day in the life of your hands and show exactly what they get up to. Entries can be a few sentences, a short diary, pictures or even video footage showcasing what your hands get up to on a day to day basis. 

To enter visit Carex's Hands On Awards and submit your entry. Good luck and don't forget to let me know what experience you would chose :)

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