25 November 2011

Pet Peeves #1

1. Girls that scream - If anyone is a fan of Jenna Marbles on YouTube (she is actually hilarious) you probably know where I'm coming from. Girls that feel the need to scream the place down when they see their friend and then scream a bit more. This seriously grates on me. Just stop it. Please. If you've not seen Jenna's video you can watch it here

2. People who don't say thank you - You know the type of people I'm talking about! The ones that you hold doors open for or move out the way for them to pass with not even so much as a smile. Argh. HOLD.MY.EARRINGS!

3. Arrogance on YouTube/Blogger - This may not be a popular opinion, but I bet a lot of you are thinking it. I find it really off putting/irritating when a person who makes YouTube videos/blogs has a fair amount of subscribers/followers then decide to think of themselves as a 'celebrity'. Good on you for making videos and gaining subscribers etc, but is there any need for the arrogance? No.

4. Random adverts playing - This really annoys me, you're happily watching something or listening to music then BAM some irrelevant advert about erectile dis-function starts playing and you have to search every tab to try and pause it. THEN, as if that isn't annoying enough, when you pause it, IT TAKES YOU TO A WEBSITE. Really? Get away from my life. Gosh.

5. Do you want a bag with that? - NO. No I don't. I'm going to put the shoes I've just purchased on over the ones I'm already wearing.

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14 November 2011

HOW TO // Grow Your Hair (Castor Oil)

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil - Hair Treatment With Mink Oil

If you are like me and wish your hair would just grow, this could be the product that helps.
My hair has well and truly been ruined by hair dyes, bleach and lack of caring for it. Bad, I know but I'm a changed woman. I'm now trying to care for and grow my hair and this product seems to be helping.

Castor Oil is a lot like a paste in the container and when it warms turns to oil. You only need to apply it to your scalp and ends and let it sit in your hair. I'd apply it when you're not going anywhere or before bed so that you can wash it out in the morning. Trust me, you really won't anyone wanting to see you with it on your hair. There are a few pros and cons to this product but the good outweighs the bad. A few people have said in videos and articles I've read online that they have suffered break outs from this as it's an oil but I haven't experienced any and I'm prone to acne. Just to prevent this, I'd advise that when applying to keep about a cm away from the hair line just to prevent any irritation/breakouts. 

The main downfall of this product is it's a complete NIGHTMARE to get out of your hair. When I first used this it took me 4 attempts to wash it out. When washing this out I'd suggest using a non moisturising shampoo and one that foams a lot, it seems to work better at removing the oil. I tried to use the Toni & Guy Detox Shampoo but for some reason, it just wasn't strong enough to wash it out.

On a better note, it seems to be doing something. As I'm blonde (bottle blonde) 'shiny' hair isn't a regular occurrence but I've noticed more of a shine, good times! I'm guessing it has something to do with the load of oil I put on it a few days before? Haha. Also, my roots are terrible. Annoying, but I'm pleased as it means it's working.

There is also a 'Castor Oil' challenge. You use the product for about 3months (I think) and see how your hair changes in condition/length. I'm going to keep up with this but I'll be honest and say I will probably only use it about once a week as it's difficult to wash out. If you search YouTube for Castor Oil hair growth results a few people have logged their progress and show their before and after pictures, I'd go and have a nose if you're interested in using this, there are also 'how to apply videos'.

The Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is from America as far as I am aware but you can buy it on eBay, where I purchased mine and Amazon and costs under £5.
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