25 November 2011

Pet Peeves #1

1. Girls that scream - If anyone is a fan of Jenna Marbles on YouTube (she is actually hilarious) you probably know where I'm coming from. Girls that feel the need to scream the place down when they see their friend and then scream a bit more. This seriously grates on me. Just stop it. Please. If you've not seen Jenna's video you can watch it here

2. People who don't say thank you - You know the type of people I'm talking about! The ones that you hold doors open for or move out the way for them to pass with not even so much as a smile. Argh. HOLD.MY.EARRINGS!

3. Arrogance on YouTube/Blogger - This may not be a popular opinion, but I bet a lot of you are thinking it. I find it really off putting/irritating when a person who makes YouTube videos/blogs has a fair amount of subscribers/followers then decide to think of themselves as a 'celebrity'. Good on you for making videos and gaining subscribers etc, but is there any need for the arrogance? No.

4. Random adverts playing - This really annoys me, you're happily watching something or listening to music then BAM some irrelevant advert about erectile dis-function starts playing and you have to search every tab to try and pause it. THEN, as if that isn't annoying enough, when you pause it, IT TAKES YOU TO A WEBSITE. Really? Get away from my life. Gosh.

5. Do you want a bag with that? - NO. No I don't. I'm going to put the shoes I've just purchased on over the ones I'm already wearing.