21 May 2012

Crea Clip

Crea Clip UK
Crea Clip - £19.99

Crea Clip is a unisex handy two piece device that lets you cut your hair at home without having the struggle of cutting freehand. This little kit comes with a long curved clip for a stylish cut and layers and a shorter straight clip for a straight cut and fringes (bangs). Both clips also have a small spirit level to ensure that you get a straight and even cut and 'teeth' inside of the clips to brush out any remaining tangles before cutting your hair. 

About the clips
The white curved clip allows you to give a stylish cut by just simply cutting along the line. It is curved so you get hair a little longer at the back than at the front (see picture, I'm terrible at explaining.) This can be used to cut or trim your hair or to even cut layers in to your hair with ease. The smaller blue straight clip allows you to give you a straight cut to to your hair and fringe. Both clips have a rotating levels so you can cut at any angles. This is used more on the blue straight clip because you can cut either a straight fringe or a side one. 

Crea Clip UK

How to use
To use either Crea-Clips you need to brush out your hair so there are no tangles and clip your hair at the roots then slide down to where you would like to cut. Someone can do this for you or you can do it yourself by brushing all your hair over your head. Once you know how much you want to cut you just need to make sure the spirit level is balanced and then trim along the line. It's always better to go with cutting less when you first use this and you can go back and repeat if you want to cut more. There are videos on You Tube with demonstrations on how to use the Crea Clip and they also have their own channel with demonstrations on how to cut all different types of hair. 

When I first seen this pop up on the side bar on You Tube I was pretty impressed. I've attempted to cut my hair myself before with terrible results and tend to avoid hairdressers because I always end up complaining about the cut. After seeing the Crea Clip I went to investigate where I could buy one, knowing it originated from America and not wanting to pay customs charges. I found a cheaper dupe on eBay and was pretty impressed with myself, until it arrived. The cheaper dupe looked cheap and fragile and before I even clipped my hair the level fell off. Complete waste of money. After a shoddy haircut I went to Google again to find out if  I could order one from the UK. The only place it seemed available was the Crea Clip website BUT they have a warehouse in the United Kingdom. The clips are 100% more sturdy than the cheap dupe although were a bit more pricey. Both clips cut my hair at ease and I love that I can cut my own layers without having to to a hairdresser. I use the blue clip to cut my hair and white to cut my layers. Unfortunately, the blue clip isn't amazing at cutting my side fringe. Every time I have attempted to do this I've ended up with a block fringe that looks terrible. As much as I dislike the way my fringe cuts with the Crea Clip, I wouldn't be without it as it gives me the freedom to cut my hair whenever I want and gives a neat and tidy finish. The Crea Clip is $29.99 which is approximately £18.98 and $9.99 for P&P which is approximately £6.30. This may seem a lot for two pieces of plastic to some people but it does save silly amounts of money on hair cuts and saves a lot of time you spend at a salon. I've had my Crea Clip for over 6months and think it's one of my best purchases and would certainly repurchase if I ever broke or lost mine.