18 June 2012

How To // D.I.Y Facial

I've always liked the idea of going to a posh salon to have a facial and other snazzy treatments, unfortunately, I've never liked the price tag. As much as I'd love to go and have a pampering session I think a lot of the prices are ridiculous. As Google and myself are pretty tight I went in search of D.I.Y pointers to help give my skin a bit of a spruce up at home. 

Things you will need: 
A bowl with warm water
Face mask

Firstly you will need to cleanse your skin to wash away any make up or dirt. If you don't use a Clarasonic in your skincare routine spend a few extra minutes working the cleanser in to your skin. I always concentrate more on my T Zone.

After you're cleansed and squeaky clean use an exfoliator of your choice. Gently rub your chosen exfoliator in a small circular motion all over your face. Again, I tend to concentrate on on my T Zone or 'greasy' areas. Also, make sure that you rinse your face thoroughly as exfoliators can be drying to your skin. 

This step is where the bowl comes in. If you don't have a bowl you can use your sink, no one will judge you haha. Fill up your bowl/sink with warm water NOT boiling. Pop a towel over your head covering the edges of the bowl/sink and let the steam drift up to your face for a few minutes. This step opens your pores and target some of the 'deeper down' dirt. 

Face Mask
Relaxing time! Chose a face mask that is suited to your skin and apply to your face avoiding your eye area. Leave on for as directed and if you're not impatient like myself, you can add some cucumber to your eyes to brighten them up.  Rinse thoroughly.

When you have thoroughly rinsed all that attractive face mask away pat you skin dry. Leaving water to dry naturally on the skin can dry it out. The only thing that you have to do is gently apply moisturiser, try to use a basic one as ones with AHAs could irritate your skin.