18 August 2012

July Favourites

Philosophy Purity Cleanser - I was happily enjoying my Avene cleanser until summer struck. I don't deal with heat well let alone the heat wave type weather the UK has had lately. The sticky hot and bothered feeling is really not for me so I've switched back to my Philosophy Purity cleanser. It leaves your skin feeling like there isn't a trace of dirt or oil so it's perfect for me in the hot weather. My only gripe is that as it seems to remove all traces of oil it can make your face feel dry if you don't put a cream on straight away.

Castor Oil - As effective as Castor Oil is I never thought I would have it in my monthly favourites. I have lately decided to grow my eyebrows out as I've become a little tweezer happy and in a short space of time I have noticed a difference. Castor Oil also washes out of your eyebrows easily, unlike your hair.

Nars Laguna Bronzer - I've never been a bronzer person, I find the majority are shimmery and the matte types are invisible on the skin. Laguna is my perfect shade to bring some colour back in to my face without like a disco ball. In future instead of wasting money on cheaper brands I will probably re purchase this.

Mac Watch Me Simmer - As soon as I seen this lipstick I loved it but with the dull weather it got put in my collection and forgotten about. Typical impulse buy. Watch Me Simmer is a lovely bright coral colour which adds a nice pop of colour to natural summer make up.

The Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy - Yes, I know, everyone and their goat has been reading these books. Lately this trilogy's popularity has exploded and I have enjoyed slowly reading the last installment of the Trilogy in July.