8 October 2012

Fantasy Shopper

I'd like to introduce you all to my latest obsession... fantasyshopper.com

Fantasy Shopper is a website where you can purchase items from different clothing stores with 'fantasy money' and put together outfits for yourself and friends.  You can also take part in challenges to earn coins and exclusive rewards

 I have used Fantasy Shopper before but when I changed Facebook accounts I lost everything so I've decided to get back in to the swing of things recently  When I first heard about this website I didn't think it would overly impress me but I was wrong, this website should carry an addiction warning haha. The main thing I love about Fantasy Shopper is it's a massive help to curbing your spending, you can browse a large range of UK shops so you know what every shop has to offer. I'm sure I'm not the only one who orders clothes online and then realises there is a jumper twice as awesome at another store ha. I also love the social side of this website. A lot like the blogging community you can interact with users and add your social links to your profile. This is a nice way to get talking and also have some fun or some 'me time' creating outfits for your friends.