26 November 2013

Carex Hand Cream // Hydrate And Protect // Nourish And Protect

Carex Hand Cream Hydrate And Protect Nourish And Protect

Carex Hydrate & Protect // Carex Nourish & Protect - £2.50

Hand Cream is one of the most important products I use in the colder months yet it's the one thing I always 
forget to use everyday resulting in cracked, sore hands. As much as I love the results of a thick, creamy hand cream I tend to use them only at night. Most are really rich so when using them in the day it just becomes a hassle as they take ages to sink in. With this in mind I was excited to try out Carex's latest offerings in the form of light weight hand cream to see if they could help combat cracked, flaky hands.

Hydrate And Protect is my favourite of the two creams. It's light weight and reminds me a lot of a face serum as it's water based and sinks in almost immediately. It has a clean, light Aloe Vera scent that's not too intrusive and provides an quick hit of moisture that has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Nourish & Protect is a lot more, well, nourishing than the Hydrate and Protect. It's also water based so still very light but has a slightly thicker consistency and really works well at softening your hands with the help of Vitamin E. Both creams have antibacterial action which adds a great bonus as they keep germs at bay as well as protecting your skin.
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30 September 2013

September Favourites

September Favourites 2013

Illamasqua Neutral Palette - £34.00
This little palette has received a lot of love from me this month. You can't really go wrong with neutral colours so a palette filled with four gorgeous shades is always a hit. All four shades, Stealth, Vintage, Wolf and Obsidian are all creamy in texture and blend well. Even though Stealth wasn't exactly what I was expecting, I still love this palette regardless.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm - £34.00
I received this sample of the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm from a website and was so so pleased to be able to try it. As a person with oily skin I wouldn't normally think to use a cleansing balm but this has seriously given my face some much needed TLC. I now know why everyone raves about this cleanser and I will be looking out for Feel Unique to have one of their percentage off sales. As much as I'd LOVE to use this product everyday £34.00 is a little out of my price range. I'm now on the look out for a good cleansing balm as I'm completely converted so if anyone has any recommendations or links to reviews you have written I'd appreciate it. 

Ben Nye Glitter Glue - £4.50
A few months ago I was on the hunt for a glitter/pigment adhesive and came across a few at extortionate prices! One in particular was £17.00 and thought the brand should maybe consider re naming to Too Expensive (see what I did there lol). I then found Ben Nye's version online for £4.50 so i decided to give it a try. The product is amazing. When applied, you can apply a pigment or a glitter and it will dry in seconds without having any annoying fall out.   

Boy has my skin needed this lately! The weather lately hasn't exactly given my skin an easy time so it's become very sensitive and in need of moisture. I've been using this after cleansing with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and have noticed a big change in my skin. It no longer feels sore or tight and has made a real improvement in smoothness. This cream is perfect for anyone with sore, sensitive, dry or tight skin that needs a bit of a break.

I'm aware I'm probably the last person on the band wagon with this product but better late than never haha. I really didn't buy in to the hype that surrounded this brush but as I lose a lot of hair I thought it might be worth a try. I've been impressed at how easy this detangles hair without ripping. I'm unsure if it's a holy grail product or as great as everyone says just yet but I've enjoyed using it this month. 
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26 September 2013

Glo Minerals Glo Box

Glo Minerals Glo Box

Recently I was contacted by Glo Minerals to see if I wanted to test out a range of their products. As they're a new brand that have launched in the UK I was excited to try a selection of their products. Glo Minerals are a brand that use only pure grade minerals and anti oxidants in their products and base their range on the following criteria - Pharmaceutical grade ingredients - Talc free - Exclude Dyes and Parabens - Perfume free - Antioxidant blend of vitamins A,C,E and green tea - Micronised triple milled to lay smoother on the skin - Protect and improve the condition of the skin - Anti- inflammatory - Anti-bacterial - Anti-Ageing - Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

Glo Minerals Sheer Tint Base

Glo Minerals Sheer Tint Base - £22.00
Sheer Tint Base is a light coverage liquid that helps to conceal, correct and even out your skin tone. It has buildable coverage that allows you to easily add more in certain areas without it becoming obvious or cakey. This can be used with a primer, concealer, foundation and powder as it's main feature is to naturally even out your skin tone. My first impressions were that it may be a little to light for any real coverage and thought it may just add another 'layer' to my face but as I tried and tested it in different ways I was certainly proved wrong. Using this on prepped skin it toned down the redness I have in my cheeks and hyperpigmentation on my chin and gave a subtle light coverage. It didn't completely camouflage these areas but bases and foundations are not meant for this purpose in my opinion, that is the job of a concealer. I added a little powder to my t-zone to see how this worked on it's own and I liked how subtle and natural it looked without looking like I had a full face of makeup. I also tried Sheer Tint Base with a foundation and concealer, I found that the base tends to give your foundation and concealer a 'helping hand' as it's already helped to conceal imperfections without any cakey feeling.

Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick

Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick - Gleam -  £27.50
Glo Minerals Shimmer Brick is a cute, compact product that offers you four highlighter colours in one. To use this you can swirl your brush around all four pans to create an ultimate glow or use each colour individually to highlight. Using all four shades is great for a very highlighted look. Personally, I like to use these shades individually to really make the most of the colours. All four colours are pigmented and creamy, blend well and work with using the smallest amount.

Glo Minerals Eye Shadow Sable Orchid

Glo Minerals Eye Shadow - Orchid/Blue Suede - £13.00
Blue Suede is a dark navy matte eye shadow. Navy is an unusual coloured eye shadow and a welcome change to black. Blue Suede feels feels creamy in the pan but is not as pigmented as Orchid. It is a very buildable colour so it an be used as subtly or as dramatic as you want and can create a nice twist to the traditional black smokey eye. Orchid is a creamy shimmery coppery colour that gives a gorgeous wash of colour with a brush stroke. It's a very pretty colour with great pigmentation that can be used for neutral or dramatic eye looks.

Glo Minerals Pressed Base - Beige Medium - £31.95
This product is one of my favourite from all that I have tried. Glo Minerals Pressed Base is a natural finish powder that can provide light to full coverage. In my experiences a lot of powders are great for mattifying the skin but lack the coverage to use alone, especially areas I have that have hyperpigmentation. I used this product alone under my eyes as I have dark circles and it completely covered the discoloration and left a smooth finish without setting in to fine lines, this is something I have to prevent a lot when using creams. Buffing Pressed Base over my entire skin (on my face, not my body haha) created a soft, natural look that evened out my skin tone without too much fuss. I've completely disregarded powder foundation in the past but I am now going to include it more as I find it's brilliant for natural makeup days.

Go Minerals Lip Tint Clearly Red

Glo Minerals Lip Tint - Clearly Red - £12.00
When I first received this box of goodies I assumed this was going to be the product I wasn't going to be overly impressed by. In the tube the lip tint looks very sheer and glossy and as a lover of bold colours I was expecting this to be a glorified tinted lip balm but I was pleasantly surprised. Glo Minerals Lip Tint is a soft, subtle red gloss that ever so slightly tints your lips for a subtle wash of colour. The great thing about this product is the ease of use, a little goes a long way and it's easy to build up more colour without needing other products. It has a great lasting power but doesn't stay in place when eating and drinking. That aside, this lip tint will last a few hours without needing constant touch ups and will not spread over your teeth or face (we've all been there haha).

Glo Minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner - £9.00
Glo Minerals Precise Micro Eyeliner is the perfect hybrid of a soft creamy pencil and a stiff pencil used for clean lines or eyebrows. This eyeliner is soft enough to use on the water line and lash line with ease yet doesn't smudge like some of the creamier pencils. What I love about this eyeliner is that you can really get creative as well as being a great base for black eyeshadow.

Glo Minerals Micro Lip Liner Ambrosia Rose

Glo Minerals Micro Lip Liner - Ambrosia Rose - £9.00
Ambrosia Rose Micro Lip Liner has the wow factor for me, the colour pay off is excellent and it 100% stays true to it's colour when on the lips. As it's micro, like the eye liner, it has the ability to create a very precise line. This is something that is important to me with lip liners because if they're too creamy, I find they easily transfer and defeat the purpose of using one. The formula is creamy enough not to dry out the lips but stays in place regardless if you're wearing them alone or with a lipstick and gloss. I love these lip liners and I will certainly be having a look at the other colours Glo Minerals have to offer.

Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascara

Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascara - Black - £16.00
Glo Minerals Volumizing Mascara is a product I'm undecided about. Normally, to create volume, mascaras have a large, thick brush but the brush on this product is small and slim. In terms of creating volume, unfortunately, for me this did not deliver. I have short, straight, stubby lashes that need oompft when it comes to mascara so this wasn't the best product for me. The reason why I'm undecided on this mascara is that it's great for lengthening. Although this didn't do much for the volume of my lashes it made them look really long and really held the curl. I think this mascara is great for anyone with short lashes or anyone who likes the long lash look but if you're more a lover of volume, I'd try one of their other mascaras.

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18 September 2013

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick - Beehive

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Beehive

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick Beehive

Nude lipsticks are a hard thing to get right. Most lipsticks I have tried look lovely in the tube but give a concealer look once applied to the lip, which completely defeats the purpose of using a lipstick. Beehive has been hyped by many of my favourite beauty bloggers so I have been curious about it for a while, I wasn't expecting much from this but I think this is certainly going to become a staple in my makeup bag.

Beehive is a light pinky nude that gives a slight glossy colour to your lips which is very subtle. It has a very sheer formula and can easily be applied without a mirror and is a perfect product for the 'barely there' look. It provides slightly more colour than a tinted lip balm and is also build able but as it's sheer it won't build to an intense colour. Beehive is very nourishing on the lips and feels a lot like wearing a lip balm but the downside to this is the staying power. The staying power isn't brilliant but it isn't terrible either, I think it's a very middle of the road product as it doesn't slip straight off but doesn't stick around if you're eating or drinking. As I've said before, applying this product is easy as one swipe gives you a nice subtle wash of colour. 

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17 September 2013

Blog Birthday & Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick // Blog Advert Giveaway

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Giveaway

Hello <3
A few days ago my blog had it's 2 year Birthday! 
To celebrate this I decided to hold a little giveaway to say thank you for reading and commenting.
I'll try to keep the predictable ramblings to a minimum to save boring you and get straight to the good bit hah.

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9 September 2013

A/W Wishlist

A/W Wishlist
Navy 3 in 1 Faux Fur Parka Jacket - £100
I normally find most A/W coats boring but this Parka caught my eye straight away. As wishlists are not always realistic and most people add in the item they would never buy, this is mine. £100 for a Parka? 

Probably not the most exciting item on my list but I do love a nice jumper/cardigan. This again seems a little pricey for a Cardigan but it does look thick, warm and perfect for an A/W staple.

Everyone needs a new A/W lipstick, right? Probably not, but it's always exciting to add a new colour to your collection. I've had my eye on a YSL lipstick for a while but have never had an excuse to purchase one. The packaging is the main thing that grabs my attention as it's so classy and pretty, I wouldn't object to having one of these sat proudly on my dressing table.

Another boring staple I suppose. I'm not really a massive fan of the beanie hats with writing on them so of course I've opted for plain black haha.

I've been lusting after one of these rotating stylers after hearing how great they are from Ruth Crilly ( AModelReccomends) in a Vlog. I don't use a lot of heat on my hair as I'm trying to grow my hair longer but this seems to use less than a traditional hair dryer as you use it on nearly dry hair. From doing my YouTube research it's a very impressive product and I'd love to get my hands on one.

I'm not a fan of boots with heels and much prefer the flat biker style so I'm so glad I found these online, they are pretty much what I was looking for and a bargain in comparison to others I have looked at.

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28 August 2013

ghd Style & Protect Gift Set

ghd Style & Protect Giftset

ghd Style & Protect Giftset

ghd Style & Protect Giftset

ghd are one of the top brands when it comes to hair care so when they kindly offered to gift me a ghd Style & Protect Gift Set to review I jumped at the chance as I'd never tried any of their product before apart from having my hair straightened at the hairdressers. I have enjoyed using these products so now I'm now going to share my thoughts about the contents of the gift set.

ghd Straight & Smooth Spray
Straight hair is my go to style when I use heat so I am always more than happy to add any product that helps along the way to my collection. ghd Straight & Smooth Spray is a spray that you use on wet hair to help smooth and straighten your hair while eliminating frizz that can sometimes be caused by blow drying. The amazing thing about this product is that unlike a lot of others, it is a heat protection as well as a straightening spray as it contains the ghd Heat Protection System. This is brilliant in my opinion as I hate overloading my hair with too many products and hate the feeling of product build up. The spray has the signature ghd scent and is packaged in sleek a sleek black tube with a green ring near the top as ghd colour code each section of their hair care products. The spray itself helps to blow dry your hair straight and straighten it which cuts down the amount of time you use heat on your hair and also makes the styling last a lot longer than it normally would. 

ghd Final Shine Spray
As I have oily hair, shine sprays, serums and oil is something I've always avoided in the past but since I've started to look after my hair properly this has all changed and I can now appreciate the benefits that these products have to offer. ghd Final Shine Spray is a lightweight spray that adds shine to your hair and also smooths flyaways and helps to keep them in place. The smell of this product is again the signature ghd scent, it's packaged very sleek like the rest of the range and is part of the blue labelled range. ghd Final Shine Spray is the first shine spray I have ever tried and has surprised me by being my favorite from the gift box. To use you need to spray a small amount on your styled hair and leave it to sink in for a few seconds for an instant healthy shine. You can also brush your hair through to distribute it but that's really personal preference. The shine this product creates has left me really impressed, it's amazing for bringing out natural highlights in your hair and leaves it looking healthy as well as shiny. 

ghd Paddle Brush
I'm the type of person who always thought a brush was a brush but I was completely wrong. After using a vary of other brushes I can now (thankfully) tell the difference between a quality brush and a brush that rips your hair out and gets tangled in a blow drying mission. The ghd Paddle Brush is an exceptional quality brush that glides through your hair and gently detangles any knots with out damaging and leaves your hair with a healthy shine. This brush blows any others I have tried out of the water and I would honestly recommend this brush from now on to anyone who will listen haha.

ghd Sectioning Clips 
Another product I never bothered with before and always wondered why my hair would never stay straight comes in the form of sectioning clips. Sectioning clips make a significant difference to the end result when straightening your hair as straightening in sections ensures all hair is straightened properly. ghd Sectioning Clips hold hair in place without moving regardless of the amount in the clip and don't pinch, stab or fall out which has happened with most of other clips I have used in the past. They ensure that all hair is secure and most importantly do not snag or snap any hair in the process. 

As well as reviewing the products I was also asked to create a speedy summer hair tutorial, as I'm not the best at hair I've kept this as simple as I could for everyone who shares my frustration at styling their own hair. The tutorial is 1940's/1950's inspired that creates a faux Victory Rolls (I applaud anyone who can create Victory Rolls in their own hair) type of hairstyle that keeps your fringe and the front of your hair out of your face on hot and sticky summer days. 

Wash your hair, apply ghd Straight & Smooth Spray and blow dry straight. 

Section your hair in as many sections needed, spray again with the Straight & Smooth Spray as this helps with straightening as well as protecting your hair.

Continue sectioning, spraying and straightening your hair until you have completed all of your hair. As you can see from the picture I leave the ends of my hair till the end as my hair works better that way.

Section your hair in to a side parting and brush your hair so there are no bumps or lumps. Yes, that picture is me with a comb over.

Taking the smallest section of the two, section your hair/fringe in to a small amount of hair that is big enough to create a side quiff. I normally take from the front to the ear. Smooth this hair out and place it where you would like the quiff to be then simply twist one or two times, gently push the hair forward slightly then secure it with clips/bobby pins. 

Your hair should now look something like this on the one side. Check the clips/bobby pins are where you would like them or make them look neater if you wish.

Step seven is repeating step five. Take the bigger section of your fringe/hair and smooth it out and create a side quiff. This step needs a bit more care as it's a bigger section of hair. Gently place the hair where you would like it and twist again, two or three times then secure with clips/bobby pins. I like the bigger piece of hair to create a bigger quiff than the smaller side as I think it looks better, this is optional to your personal preference. 

Straighten the ends of your hair if you leave them till last like myself and spray a small amount of the ghd Final Shine Spray to give your hair a shiny, glossy finish. 

*ghd Style & Protect Gift Set gifted by ghd
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12 August 2013

HOW TO // DIY Brush Guards

DIY Brush Guards

Brush guards have become an increasingly popular way to protect your makeup brushes, I've been tempted to buy some for a while as my brush collection seems to be "magically" expanding but have always changed my mind as they're expensive for such a small product. I noticed someone mention on YouTube about making a DIY version so decided to do a little research about making my own. A few clicks on eBay resulted in finding a metre of basically exactly the same material for the small price of £1.60. BARGAIN! 

DIY Brush Guard

The material comes in a roll that simply needs to be measured against your freshly washed brush, snipped at the length you would like (I normally cut a little more than I need) and that's as complicated as it gets. I'm really impressed at how many brush guards I managed to make for such a small price and can now keep them all neat and in shape. The only downfall of this material is that it isn't as good for small brushes as it isn't tight enough to keep the shape, I've been trying to find a way to get around this with no luck so if anyone has any ideas or DIY tips below I'd love for you to share them :)

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17 May 2013

Weight Loss Motivational Beauty Box

Weight Loss Motivational Beauty Box
Image We Heart It - Edited by myself

You may or may not know that I'm trying to lose weight. I touched on it briefly in my Weight Loss motivation post but haven't said much about it since. Without boring you without all the sweaty details I've lost a total of 26lbs and have a fair few to go. Motivation doesn't come easy to me so when I read Louise's post from Confetti Letters about her Slimming World updates and that she buys herself makeup as a reward when she has reached a goal it gave me an idea.

Now, I'd never thought of this before and commented what a great idea I thought it was. Knowing myself pretty well though I knew as I had the product in my grubby little hands I'd still be struggling to keep motivated to hit my next goal. This is where the beauty box idea came from. I decided that for every 7lbs I lose/have lost I'm going to buy one product I've wanted for a while and pop it in to an old Glossybox and to only open everything once I have reached my final goal. This may sound like a strange, even weird concept to some but I know a box of sparkly new makeup products will keep me motivated along the way and stop me from giving in to the bad things that I love so much, Chocolate and Pizza, I'm looking at you. 

So that's the basic jist, if you have any motivation tips and tricks I'd love to hear about them! Also, if you're also on a weight loss journey I'd love to hear about how you're progressing. 

Lisa x
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16 May 2013

Carex // Hands On Awards // Competition

Today I have a fun competition to share with you which can involve a bit of a beauty bloggers favourite, photography. In celebration of their 20th anniversary Carex have launched a competition to reward 20 pairs of hands from around the UK.

There will be 20 lucky winners of this competition with the best entries will win a years supply of Carex hand wash and £500 Red Letter Days vouchers to spend as you wish. I already know that I'd chose - a day on safari or spend the day being pampered at a luxurious spa, it's always good to be organised ha ha.

All you need to do to enter this competition is share a day in the life of your hands and show exactly what they get up to. Entries can be a few sentences, a short diary, pictures or even video footage showcasing what your hands get up to on a day to day basis. 

To enter visit Carex's Hands On Awards and submit your entry. Good luck and don't forget to let me know what experience you would chose :)

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9 May 2013

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

MAC RiRi Woo
MAC RiRi Woo

Like many excited MAC lipstick fans I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Rhi Rhi Woo in the post. I'm shocked I managed to get hold of one as the website was being really, really slow but luckily I managed to place an order. It arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to try it out.
MAC RiRi Woo MAC Ruby WooI wasn't initially interested in the Rhi Rhi Loves MAC collection but when I seen the promotional picture of the lipstick and reading it was based on the original Ruby Woo, which is my favourite MAC lipstick, I had a bit of a want for this.

RiRi Woo is a Retro Matte lipstick that is a gorgeous true red with RiRi embossed on the bullet. It applies the same other MAC  matte lipsticks and has that traditional tug on the lips when applied. The colour is extremely similar to Ruby Woo but has more of a 1940's glamour feel to it. Apart from that, the only difference I can pin point is RiRi Woo is more of a Cherry Red where as Ruby Woo is more of a flat Red. All in all, I love both colours and have happily welcomed RiRi Woo into my collection, I'm just hoping the other items in the collection will be a bit more unique.

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7 May 2013

Dermalogica £100 Voucher Giveaway With Pure Beauty

Dermalogica Giveaway UK
Hello everyone! 
I was recently contacted by Pure Beauty, an authorised Dermalogica website, and was asked if I wanted to run a giveaway. I'm a fan of Dermalogica as well as the majority of the beauty community so I jumped at the chance. Pure Beauty have really kindly given me a £100 voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader and in all honesty, I wish I could enter myself ha ha ha.

All you need to do is enter is in the Rafflecopter widget below. If you're 16 or under please ask permission as I'll need your address. Also, If you're a winner of this giveaway I'll need your name, address and email address to send you your voucher :)
UK only, sorry 


a Rafflecopter giveaway
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1 May 2013

April Favourites

MAC Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger (Matte) - £14.00
My newest adition to my MAC Lipstick collection! I've wanted this for months so a few weeks ago I decided to give and got my hands on it. Lady Danger is a bright orange/red lipstick that is certainly a loud statment colour. Being a red hoarder I'm glad I gave in.

John Freida Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight - £6.99
I've raved about this recentely in it's own review so I'll keep it short and sweet. 3 Day Straight is a spray that when locked in with straighteners keeps your hair straight and sleek until it's next wash. I can't say enough good things about this product.

Illamasqua Medium Pencil - Hex - £13.00
We all know the white eye liner trick for opening and brightening the eye area but I find it can be a bit harsh for every day wear. I decided to give Hex a whirl as it's more of a nude colour and I think it's fantastic. Hex gives just enough colour to brighten the eye area naturally and is very long lasting. Also, I think this is the softest eye pencil I have ever used.

HD Brow Kit - £19.96
I bought this after the Glossybox hype as I had seen and heard everyone commenting on how amazing it is. I liked it, then I didn't, then I did again. I'm still not 100% sold on this but it's in my monthly favourites as I've been using it a lot more often. I like how there are 4 colours that can be mixed easily if needed and that they also double up as eye shadow. I also think that they apply really well and have an impressive lasting power. That said, I still think the price tag is a bit on the hefty side. (If anyone in the UK is interested in buying this you can click the link and it takes you to where I bought mine. I've seen a few people say they can't find anywhere to purchase it)

Original Source Tea Tree and Mint Shower Gel - £2.30
Gosh, I love this stuff! I discovered a stash in my room from when I stocked up while it was on offer (oooh, thrifty) and couldn't wait to start using it again. It's so minty and refreshing I can happily use it all summer. Although I could talk on and on about how much I love this that would be really boring so I'm just going to say I love it.
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27 April 2013

Hair Removal // Fighting The Fuzz

Picture from Google - edited by myself

Hair removal has to be one of the least enjoyable beauty regimes there is, the silky smooth after effect is worth it but finding the right process for you can be tough. My first experience with hair removal was the trusty razor, I remember feeling excited by being 'grown up' the first time I used one. Looking back I have no idea why! Shaving was fine for a while, mainly through my teenage years but as I got older my skin started to become more sensitive. If I use a razor more than once a week now my legs become a very attractive shade of red and are blotchy. I also suffer with ingrown hairs/razor burn which is annoying, uncomfortable and generally really unattractive! Ingrown hair is one of my pet hates so I try to use other hair removal methods 99% of the time. The other 1% is obviously when I'm being lazy ha ha ha.

Hair Removal Cream was my next big phase, I loved how easy it was but not so much the mess. Hair Removal Cream is great when you want legs like the ladies on the Venus adverts but the smell is disgusting! As this is a pain free method, I put up with the vile smell for a while and carried on using it. My legs were always left silky smooth but within a day, like shaving, the stubble would decided to rear it's ugly head. I eventually decided this was more hassle than shaving and the time the hair took to grow back was the same so decided to try something else. Don't forget, if you do use Hair Removal Cream, always read the label, a red patchy upper lip removes the subtlety of removing your mustache ha ha.

Waxing, although painful, is one of my favourite hair removal methods. Even though it can sometimes be messy, sticky and somewhat embarrassing when you have a sneaky strip attached to you it's very effective. I never really wax my legs but I do often wax more sensitive places like my upper lip. Even though it stings, it's a lot quicker than plucking and removes the hair in seconds. The results of waxing last so much longer than shaving or Hair Removal Cream so for me, a bit of pain is worth it instead of re doing the same job every 2 days.

My main method of hair removal is using an Epilator (I actually use the one in the picture). Epilators remove hair from the root, like waxing but are less messy and rechargeable. Like waxing, they can be a bit painful but investing in a quality epilator can save a lot of money in the long run. As well as saving money, they also irritate the skin less, you don't have to worry about ripping a layer of skin off and if you exfoliate before can remove all hair in one use. I'd be lost without my Epilator now but I'd never advise to use them on sensitive areas unless watering eyes are your thing haha.

Lastly is something I've wanted to try for a while. LittleKiva mentioned she had laser hair removal in one of her YouTube videos and have been keen to try it ever since. It works by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, halting hair growth. Laser Hair Removal is available at sk:n and isn't as expensive as I thought it would be. It can be used on any part of the body and is said to be virtually painless and only needs to be repeated every 4-6 weeks for around 8 months. Imagine how much time we would save, ladies! 

What is your favourite method? Do you stick to one or do you use different types for different areas?

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Revitalash Fine Line Primer

Revitalash Fine Line Primer

Revitalash Fine Line Primer

If you have not noticed from my pictures I'm one of the lucky ladies that suffers with fine lines under my eyes, around my mouth and on my forehead. This is annoying as I'm only 24 but becomes even more of a problem when applying make up. Like with large pores, concealers and foundation love to sit in fine lines and make them look worse so a primer to combat this is an additional step I take in my make up routine. I know at some point I will need to invest in an anti wrinkle but until then, I use primer. Although this improves the appearance, it's not amazing and have never tried a primer specifically for fine lines so when QVC gave me the opportunity to road test Revitalash's Fine Line Primer I was exited to say the least! They're known for selling amazing Skincare so had high hopes for this product!

Revitalash Fine Line Primer claims to create a silky, smooth texture to help minimize and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and create a smooth base for make up. It's packaged in a frosted, weighty 15ml glass jar that looks very sleek and high end. The texture of this primer feels soft with a silicone feel, I know a lot of people dislike this but personally I find silicone based products more effective at minimising imperfections.

To apply this primer you need a tiny, pea sized amount, if that. Applying more makes it harder to settle which causes it to slide and makes make up application harder. Once applied to the areas that have fine lines it leaves an airbrushed look which as claimed, minimizes the appearance. I think this product works a lot like a pore minimizer as it blurs imperfections, it has the same effect but this has been specifically formulated for fine lines and has tiny pearl type flecks that brighten the eye area. 

In conclusion I've been very impressed with this primer, fine lines are something I've become self conscious of for some time and although normal primer helps, it doesn't achieve anything anywhere near the results I have archived with this. Fine Line Primer may have a larger price tag than most, but as you need such a small amount I'm confident it will last longer than a normal facial primer.

Do you have fine lines? Do you use anything to minimize them?
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18 April 2013

NARS Blush - Orgasm

Nars Blush - Orgasm

Nars Blush - Orgasm
NARS Blush - Orgasm - £21.50

Can we all just take a second to appreciate how pretty this blush is? NARS Orgasm needs no introduction as it's one of the best cult products in the beauty community. This had been on my wishlist for months but I really couldn't justify spending £21.50 on a blush so when it popped up on Buyapowa about 6 months ago I couldn't resist the urge.

Orgasm is described as a Peachy Pink with a Gold shimmer which is an extremely accurate description. In the pan it looks a little intimidating but when applied with a light hand it gives a natural subtle glow that's easy to build up if you like more dramatic blush. The lasting power of this is amazing as it lasts for hours and excels other shimmer blushes as it doesn't transfer glitter/shimmer to other parts of your face. Another huge plus is Orgasm has a sufficient amount of shimmer so that you can skip using a highlighter, obviously this is personal preference but I love the look of this alone with subtle contouring for a fresh and dewy look, especially on warmer days. The only downfall of this product for me, as I've said before about other products, is the price. £21.50 is expensive but as it's a high end brand and a quality product I think it's worth spending the extra money on rather than buying cheaper blushes that get worn once and discarded to the back of your make up drawer. If £21 is completely out of your price range Sleek Makeup have a really impressive blush range and a really great dupe of Orgasm called Rose Gold that is just as pretty. If anyone would like to see a comparison post between the two let me know in the comments. 
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14 April 2013

Illamasqua Lipstick - Sangers

Illamasqua Lipstick Sangers

I've made no secret of my love for red lipstick and will declare my love to anyone who will listen so today I thought I would share one of my favourites. This was my first Illamasqua lipstick and I've been a fan ever since lusting after more shades to add to my collection.

Sangers is bright yet sophisticated blood red that is perfect for that 50's glamour classic red lip. The formula is slightly creamier than a normal matte lipstick, it has a slight sheen but dries matte so I would always advise to apply a small amount of lip balm before. The most impressive feature of this lipstick is the lasting power, matte lipsticks tend to have the best staying power but this is one of the best I have used. It doesn't fade and can last for hours before it needs to be re applied. Sangers Lipstick also looks amazing teamed up with Illamasqua's Succubus lip gloss which is the 'matching' gloss for a more dramatic look. Overall, I think this is one of the more impressive lipsticks in my collection and will re purchase this over any of the other red lipsticks I own.

Quick note - Sangers is one of the lipsticks that normally always features when Illamasqua have a sale so check their website if this is something you are interested in trying :)

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11 April 2013

John Freida Frizz Ease // Straight Ahead Shampoo // Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner // 3 Day Straight

John Freida Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Straight Ahead Shampoo Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner

John Freida Frizz Ease Straight Ahead Shampoo*
Straight Ahead shampoo works wonders on hair that's prone to that annoying frizz before or after drying. Using this has certainly helped straighten out kinks as well as being full of moisture. It's thick and creamy which leaves your hair feeling straighter, sleeker and smoother. A big hair hate of mine is when after drying it it can become frizzy and "puffy" again because of heat but this shampoo has helped to maintain straighter, less frizzy hair. I wouldn't say you could skip using hair straighteners if straight is what you are after, but it helps to smooth your hair straight so you have straighter hair after blow drying which can help you use less heat on your hair. 

John Freida Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner*
Smooth Start conditioner it's not called Smooth Start for nothing! When using this my hair naturally dried sleek, soft and looked well looked after. As my hair has now grown out to my natural colour this is a bit to hydrating for every wash use as it's not as frizzy and can become greasy quickly. This conditioner isn't heavy nor does it leave any residue but I personally can't use deep/hydrating conditioners every time I wash my hair, only on the ends.  I have been using this once a week with the shampoo to give my hair a moisture boost or on a certain day if I want my hair to look good for a certain occasion as it makes drying and styling a lot easier.

John Freida Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight*
3 Day Straight has well and truly proved my expectations wrong. As a woman who has hair that flicks up at the ends at any sign of moisture I have tried and tested a fair share of straightening products so I didn't expect much. I was wrong .3 day straight is a spray you apply on to wet hair which when dried and locked in with straighteners keeps your hair straight for 3 days or until it's washed again. The product contains keratin which is amazing for hair repair so it leaves hair looking shiny and nourished. Normally when I straighten my hair the ends can look a bit frazzled but this completely put a stop to that. When applied it can feel as if there's a residue in your hair but ones dried and straightened this disappears and its left smooth with no sticky build up.

I put this product to the test by leaving my hair for 3 days with out straightening it again. I noticed that when sleeping or heading out in cold weather (mild snow) this product stuck to its word apart from a few kinks.  The small kinks or flicks can be easily be removed when you brush your hair again leaving it just the same as when you styled it. The only downfall of this product is the bottle size, Id personally like it to be bigger but apart from that I really cannot find a negative to this product. I think I may have found a new holy grail product ladies and gents!

John Freida have a whole array of products for different hair types which you can view if you click here. I'm very impressed with all three products, 3 day straight especially, this is certainly going to be re purchased  as it's the only product I've used that has lived up to the claims. Have you tried any of these products? I'd especially like to hear if you have tried 3 Day Straight.
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10 April 2013

Philosophy Gingerbread Man Hot Salt Body Scrub

Philosophy Gingerbread Man Hot Salt Body Scrub

Philosophy Gingerbread Man Hot Salt Body Scrub

We all love a good body scrub. There is something quite satisfying about exfoliating as it leaves your skin feeling fresh and silky smooth. There are thousands of scrubs available that smell gorgeous but I find them to be a bit lacking in the actual scrub department. Personally, I like an exfoliator to be gritty and thick, not a shower gel/cream with a few added beads packaged as a luxury body scrub. Damn being a sucker for packaging.

Philosophy bath and shower products are some of the best smelling I've ever used, I've been a huge fan for many years and absolutely loved their Sugar Cookie, Strawberry Ice Cream and Sweet Talk bath and shower gels (unfortunately they only bring certain products out for a limited time) so have enjoyed moving on to try their scrubs, skincare and makeup - they just always seem to get it right!

Gingerbread man is a Christmas themed product that normally makes an appearance just after Halloween. I know you're probably thinking I'm a few months late but as you can sometimes pick this up on eBay and it's back every year so I wanted to write a review anyway. The scent of this scrub is love/hate with some people, from reviews I've read from other bloggers they have expected it to smell exactly like Gingerbread Men. In my opinion, I always thought of this as a ginger based scent with a cute quirky name in reference to the ginger but that is just my take on the Gingerbread Man range. The scrub does smell strongly of ginger but it's mixed with a fresh citrus scent which is gorgeous but hard to describe.

The scrub itself performs brilliantly, its thick and gritty which allows you to really slay away any dead skin cells without drying out or irritating your skin. When washed off your skin feels moisturized but not enough that you feel that theres residue left behind, its a lot like an oil texture that washes off. The instructions direct you to apply to dry skin but I find this a little coarse and hard to use, I think its much better when used on damp skin. Using it this was also avoids a lot of unnecessary mess. The box also claims that this is a hot salt scrub, this is something i don't agree with as i haven't noticed any warming effects while using this. I think this the only downfall of the product which is a shame as I imagine a warming effect would be an impressive bonus.

I'm sure you have guessed that I love this scrub from my very drawn out review aha. I would even go as far as to say this is the best I have ever used. Philosophy have other scrubs in different scents with the same formula that I also love and would recommend going to try if you are lucky enough to have a store that stocks them in your town.

 What is your favourite body scrub? Are there any I should try? 

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9 April 2013

The Thrifty Fashion Challenge

Thrifty Fashion Challenge

Thrifty Fashion Challenge

If you've ever been guilty of spending too much money on clothes and accessories please raise your hand now.... We've all been there! I've been guilty of this as well as buying things I really don't need and can completely get caught up in the shopping buzz. This is something, as I've got older, I've tried to curb so when contacted about taking part in the Thrifty Fashion Challenge I couldn't wait to get involved and see what I could come up with for £50.

I decided I was going to keep the outfit theme casual to stay true to what I wear daily so firstly, I headed over to Urban Outfitters. This was a little optimistic as they can be a bit expensive but they have a 70% off sale on. I found this Truly Madly Deeply Pyramid top for £14.00 on sale from £28.00 which is A) right up my street and B) a complete bargain! Next up was New Look, after trawling through their massive sale I settled for a pair of very predictable Red Denim Look Jeggings that are on sale for £7.00 from £12.99. As the challenge is to spend £50 or under I could have easily picked something more a little more exciting but I'm a creature of habit and rarely stray away from skinny jeans and jeggings, boring, I know! The next website I headed over to was Very.com. I'm not frequent visitor of the site but as they were having a 75% off clearance so decided to have a look. After being distracted by them selling everything from home ware to lingerie I spotted their South Tall Supersoft Boyfriend Cardigan for £9.00 from £18.00 and although I love to wear black, I may just have to buy one of these in the colour Spearmint. To finish off the outfit I needed shoes and a bag so had a quick look around Matalan and found a lovely pair of Black Tassel Loafers for £7.00 on sale from £14.00 then headed to Boohoo to find a bag. I love Boohoo accessories so it of course I had to look through the entire sale before making up my mind. I finally picked the Molly Pin Lock Handbag for £12.00 from £18.00, it's small, sweet and the gold adds a small amount of detail to a casual outfit.

In total my outfit total comes to £49.00, I think that's pretty impressive for a whole outfit including a bag even  if I do say so myself haa. To put this outfit together I used the website netvouchercodes.co.uk to search for sales, offers and voucher codes and have chosen some complete bargains! This Thrifty Challenge has certainly showed me that shopping around and keeping an eye on up and coming sales can save a lot of money when buying staple pieces and general clothes online. 

Are you a savvy when shopping online? Do you keep up to date with the seasonal sales?

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3 April 2013

March Favourites

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water 150ml - £6.50 
I bought this on a whim in the sales after seeing glowing reviews then never really used it. For some reason my cheeks have become sensitive (I love combination skin) so have been spraying a small amount on my face after cleansing. This spray, as claims, soothes and calms skin and is also great for freshening up make up. I'm going to start making more effort to use this from now on.

Some times I get so caught up in the array of bright lipsticks available I tend to forget about natural shades then complain about not having any so decided to buy a nice sensible "nude" type colour. I picked the colour Please Me which is a matte soft dusky pink that is very subtle as long as it isn't layered. This is a perfect everyday colour and beats all of the washy out nudes everyone seems to love. The only downside to such a pretty lipstick is it's very drying like most mattes but as matte is my favourite texture, I can deal with using a little more lip balm.

Philosophy The Microdelivery Purifying Peel - $42.00 
This one minute enzyme peel is a wonder product for me and has been for some time. This gives skin a good shake up when it's looking a bit dull and dreary and as it contains Salycic Acid gives acne the boot. As much as I love it, it stings/burns so can be a little over powering depending on how sensitive your skin is.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - £4.50 
I had this little bottle in a Glossybox and initially dismissed the idea of using it as a cleanser. As I have Oily/Combo skin I didn't think it would be right so used as a gel eyeliner remover. When I decided to give it a go I was surprised at how soft my skin felt with out any greasy residue left behind. This would be perfect as a night cleanser during harsh weather when your skin needs that extra TLC.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - £14.00/£20.00 -
Another Glossybox sample I've started using through March. This is the only the second eye cream I've tried and liked. It's light, sinks in straight away and leaves the eye area feeling nourished without that thick and heavy consistency.
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28 March 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Swatches
Along with lipstick, I'm a massive eye shadow hoarder. I own silly amounts of both and in the past have found it so hard to resist temptation, especially if either are in bright, bold colours. Urban Decay are top of my list with eye shadows as their quality is outstanding, I don't really need to tell anyone how good their Naked palettes are, they're a cult product for a reason. When they announced they were releasing a Naked Basics matte palette I decided I had no intention of buying one as A) I wasn't blown away by it (ANOTHER repeat with Foxy) and B) I had more eye shadow than I could ever wear.

That said, after reading multiple posts I did have an urge to purchase one so ended up going back on my strict no more eye shadow policy and entered a co buy when it popped up on Buyapowa. Much to my surprise, I won the co buy (first time I've won) so received this little cutie for free! (Thank you again, Buyapowa)

The palette is much smaller than the previous Naked palettes and contains 6 shadows, VENUS - FOXY - W.O.S - NAKED 2 - FAINT - CRAVE. I was a bit disappointed in the repeat of the colour Foxy but at least it wasn't Half Baked again hahaa. All colours are the same amazing quality as the previous palettes, they blend effortlessly and allow you to be as neutral or dramatic as you dare. If Urban Decay had released this palette first I don't think I would have been so eager to purchase the other two and would have been happy to stick to this. It's a lovely addition to any make up collection but I think it's perfect for someone who is just starting out with an interest in make up or has a sensible approach to buying make up (sometimes we just need to carry 10 lipsticks around).

Have you purchased this palette? I'd love to hear if I'm not the only one who gave in ahaa. 

I'm having an Urban Decay Naked Basics giveaway that you can enter here
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25 March 2013

Acrylic Trapezoid Lipstick Holder 24

Acrylic Trapezoid Lipstick Holder 24

Acrylic Trapezoid Lipstick Holder 24
                                              Acrylic Trapezoid Lipstick Holder 24 - £3.55

Acrylic storage has become a bloggers best friend and with expanding make up collections we all get excited when we see a make up storage post or video. While I think a lot of acrylic storage can be expensive and a bit small for storing things other than everyday essentials I do love the lipstick holders. I've been on the hunt for one of the flat lipstick holders but for some reason they never seem to be in stock so when I seen a post about the trapezoid version by Gemma from MissMakeupMagpie I decided to order one for myself. The flat lipstick holders are roughly £12 and hold about 16 lipsticks whereas this little gem was £3.55 and holds 24, I love a good bargain! As there isn't much else I can say about a lipstick holder I think it's time for a bit of organising and a spring clear out. Oh, and yes, 24 lipsticks is a perfectly reasonable amount for one person to own ahaa.
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24 March 2013

NYX Concealer Jar - Green

NYX Concealer Jar Green Review

Green Concealers are a brilliant invention, they cancel out redness which allows you to conceal problem areas with out caking or layering traditional concealer. As I have rosy cheeks that sometimes, with cold weather, can become a more irritated version of rosy and a fair amount of Hyper pigmentation to deal with I thought I'd move to the green side and try the NYX Concealer Jar. As I'm a fan of NYX products I had high hopes for this product but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

NYX Green Concealer is a soft, thick concealer that lives in a small plastic jar. The texture is creamy and applies with ease regardless of if you're covering a small or larger area. Unfortunately, this concealer doesn't conceal as well as it applies and only gets worse when you attempt to blend it.
NYX Concealer Jar Green

When applied this concealer isn't fond of doing much else apart from sitting on your skin. I first tried to cancel out the redness from Hyper pigmentation scarring around my chin area as that is what bothers me most. I applied tiny amounts only on the area that was effected and stippled this in to my skin. After stippling, the concealer seemed to lose the green colour and blend to nothing but an odd off green/white shade. I then repeated the process a few times but still had the same result. As this didn't work I changed tactics and blended the concealer on to my cheeks as well as my chin, this resulted in making it look worse than before. The concealer leaves a powdery white/off green finish which in no way covers any redness, in fact, I'd say it highlights what you're trying to cover. Fast forward a few months and I decided to give this concealer a last try and decided to try mixing it with my normal concealer/foundation, this had the same effect but just gave it a less matte finish. After trying different methods to make this concealer "work" I can safely say this is not a great product.

As much as I love NYX products this concealer gets a massive thumbs down from me. I've read great reviews on this product so the only thing I can put it down to is it's not great on oily skin. I think in future I'll stick to a high coverage concealer instead of layering a medium coverage product or searching for a reliable green concealer.
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