26 February 2013

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo
Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo - £6.50

Dry Shampoo's have moved on from the days of putting baby powder in your roots and now traditionally come in a spray can, as much as these are convenient, I always seem to use them up faster than I'd like to. I'm a fan of the original Batiste Dry Shampoo and think their range is brilliant but I'm not a lover of Dry Shampoo in the various scents on offer apart from anything that smells clean or fresh. As I've mentioned before I once ruined my hair with bleach so have now grown out my hair and try my best to look after my hair as best as possible, unfortunately, this includes not washing my hair as much as I used to. 

With my stop abusing your hair policy Dry Shampoo is now a staple and while on the look out for a new one I came across No Drought. What initially drew me in is the scent, it's made with Grapefruit and Lime oil which gives it it's lovely fragrance of citrus - perfect. To me, there is nothing worse than having slightly greasy roots and then putting something tropical on top. This may sound silly as  I know a ton of people love different scents but to me it tends to stick around all day and becomes a bit 'slickly'. 

I find No Drought to be a brilliant dry shampoo, it does everything it's suppose to and leaves a lovely clean smell that doesn't overpower. It has a good lasting power and because my hair is a light brown it leaves it looking as it's just been washed and blow dried. As this product last such a long time (115g) I think the price isn't overly damaging to the bank, for the amount of time I've had this I would have probably gone through at least 2 spray cans and it's hardly made a dent in the powder. The downside? The mess. If you remember the days of baby powder you'll remember it was a bit of a messy task. As this is a powder, it's harder to control than a normal can so can take a bit of getting used to. My advice is to use it in the bathroom over the sink or bath to make things a little easier. Also, you need to brush through your hair and give it a quick check to avoid any powdery patches, making sure you don't overload your hair will help avoid this but after a few uses you learn to judge how much you need. I will certainly re purchase this but at the moment, I think I have enough for a long time. 

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25 February 2013

Blinkbox from Tesco

Blinkbox from Tesco Review Watch Movies Online

Before Christmas a lovely lady contacted me about trying out a website called Blinkbox. Blinkbox from Tesco is an online website that allows you to watch movies online with no subscription fee. As I had just ended a subscription from another website I was more than happy to try it out! 

The website itself is clean, clear and well presented with a huge choice of films. They are all separated in to categories so you can find a film from a genre of your choice and also has an option to look at the best sellers, featured movies, special offers and what is coming soon to Blinkbox as well as a separate section for TV series' - Game Of Thrones anyone? 

My choice of film was The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, I had heard a lot about it and must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. The transaction was smooth and hassle free and within seconds I was happily watching trying to avoid eating my weight in snacks.Also, as I needed to pop out half way through the film I paused it and easily picked up where I left off with out any problems, buffering or freezing. 
As I'm one of those people who regularly say "I'm going to see that film" then never actually get around to it I'm a huge lover of being able to watch movies online. Blinkbox is a website I will 100% be using from now on as it's easy, straightforward and best of all there is no ridiculous subscription fee. 

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8 February 2013

Meet The Bloggers

This 27 year old mother-of-two, Laura, blogs mainly about her love for movies. With recommendations, personal favourites, worsts and reviews. Still a fresh blog, she is also set to include other features such as the occasional fashion post, along with beauty, fitness and family life.

My name’s Carly and I’m an Illustrator based in Sheffield, UK. I have a love for all things cute and adorable and I try to reflect this in my illustrations. I mainly work digitally these days as I love the vibrant colours that can be achieved through Photoshop, and I just find it so much more fun to experiment with my style in this medium. I’m always available for commissions, and I've even just started selling necklaces based on my artwork! My blog is filled with cute and quirky characters, so if that’s your thing then please stop by!

Forty Percent Fringe : Sixty Percent Face is a UK life and style blog featuring fashion & beauty, food, art & design, photography, travel and current inspirations as well as recipes, craft tutorials and DIY how-tos.

I only started writing my blog three weeks ago because after reading hundreds of blogs over the past several months. I was shocked to find so few written by anyone over the age of 40! So, I decided to write my own. I'm 52, but feel 29, and the world of beauty blogging isn't always relevant for me. I want to see how make up looks on women with lines sometimes, not on perfect smooth faces. Not to say I don't want to appeal to younger readers, because I do. Many of my posts will be relevant to anyone. But when I review make up I will make a point of saying how it works on older skin. 
As the name of my blog implies, I also write about bargains. If I get a good deal, or buy a sale haul, that will be in my blog, because let's face it, not everyone can buy Dior, Chanel or MAC make up. As part of the thrifty theme of my blog I will be holding lots of giveaways, to help those, like me, who don't have mountains of disposable cash to win some lovely things to make them smile. I had decided from day one of writing my blog that I would hold a givaway when I hit one hundred followers and honestly I expected it to take 6 to 12 months, but within 10 days or so I reached my target and so I am now in the middle of my first giveaway, exciting stuff!

My blog is mostly beauty related with a mixture of reviews of make-up, hair and skincare products, plus wish lists, NOTD and FOTD posts. I also like to throw in the odd baking, lifestyle or fashion post every now and again too!

Makeup By Lauren Marie is a blog run by a makeup artist that offer easy to achieve tutorials with step by step videos. There is also reviews on all the latest beauty products and of course the odd giveaway.

Hey I’m Tracy from Fantastic, Fun, Fashion. I have always had an obsession with fashion thanks to Cher Horowitz (Clueless), it started with scrap booking my favourite outfits from magazines then to a shopping addiction and finally blogging. I love the nicer things in life and I get excited by designer products but at the end of the day I am a mum first so my outfits need to be practical and reasonably priced but that doesn't mean I can’t be stylish and fabulous at the same time.

PYT is a fashion , beauty and lifestyle blog. I love to review products and post my outfits. I love photography! I take photos of everything mostly my cats! I love Cath Kidston and pretty shabby chic things so my blog is very floral and cute.
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