9 April 2013

The Thrifty Fashion Challenge

Thrifty Fashion Challenge

Thrifty Fashion Challenge

If you've ever been guilty of spending too much money on clothes and accessories please raise your hand now.... We've all been there! I've been guilty of this as well as buying things I really don't need and can completely get caught up in the shopping buzz. This is something, as I've got older, I've tried to curb so when contacted about taking part in the Thrifty Fashion Challenge I couldn't wait to get involved and see what I could come up with for £50.

I decided I was going to keep the outfit theme casual to stay true to what I wear daily so firstly, I headed over to Urban Outfitters. This was a little optimistic as they can be a bit expensive but they have a 70% off sale on. I found this Truly Madly Deeply Pyramid top for £14.00 on sale from £28.00 which is A) right up my street and B) a complete bargain! Next up was New Look, after trawling through their massive sale I settled for a pair of very predictable Red Denim Look Jeggings that are on sale for £7.00 from £12.99. As the challenge is to spend £50 or under I could have easily picked something more a little more exciting but I'm a creature of habit and rarely stray away from skinny jeans and jeggings, boring, I know! The next website I headed over to was Very.com. I'm not frequent visitor of the site but as they were having a 75% off clearance so decided to have a look. After being distracted by them selling everything from home ware to lingerie I spotted their South Tall Supersoft Boyfriend Cardigan for £9.00 from £18.00 and although I love to wear black, I may just have to buy one of these in the colour Spearmint. To finish off the outfit I needed shoes and a bag so had a quick look around Matalan and found a lovely pair of Black Tassel Loafers for £7.00 on sale from £14.00 then headed to Boohoo to find a bag. I love Boohoo accessories so it of course I had to look through the entire sale before making up my mind. I finally picked the Molly Pin Lock Handbag for £12.00 from £18.00, it's small, sweet and the gold adds a small amount of detail to a casual outfit.

In total my outfit total comes to £49.00, I think that's pretty impressive for a whole outfit including a bag even  if I do say so myself haa. To put this outfit together I used the website netvouchercodes.co.uk to search for sales, offers and voucher codes and have chosen some complete bargains! This Thrifty Challenge has certainly showed me that shopping around and keeping an eye on up and coming sales can save a lot of money when buying staple pieces and general clothes online. 

Are you a savvy when shopping online? Do you keep up to date with the seasonal sales?


  1. Absolutely loved the outfit, you have a similar style to mine and I have just bought the top! Ahaha

    1. Ooh! I normally get told I wear too much Black aha, nice to know I'm not the only one aha <3 xx